Computer GK Questions in Gujarati – 23

Computer GK Questions in Gujarati prepared by OJAS This is part 23 of OJAS Computer General Knowledge Quiz series.

Computer GK Questions in Gujarati Test No – 23.

This test has total 50 questions.


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2Aaryan Jadav92 %9 minutes 59 seconds
3zala praful88 %5 minutes 33 seconds
4Sachin Rathod86 %9 minutes 38 seconds
5Amit Rabari84 %10 minutes 39 seconds
6Kamlesh Patel81 %12 minutes 26 seconds
7ronakgoswami80 %7 minutes 38 seconds
8972687531460 %9 minutes 31 seconds
91488257656 %8 minutes 20 seconds
10Shamal sinh.b46 %7 minutes 52 seconds