English Grammar Article Quiz & Concept 1

English Grammar Article Quiz & Concept

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Before we begin let us clear concept of “English Grammar Article”.

There are three articles in English Grammar.

  1. A
  2. An
  3. The

Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific which may be a person, place, object, or idea.

Definite Article : the

Indefinite Articles : a, an

Examples: an onion, a car, a pen, a man, an apple, the sun, the earth, the Ganges.

  • Have you got a pen?
  • We have got only an hour to do this task.
  • I saw a bird in the tree. The bird was grey.
  • Paris is a capital of France.
  • I see three men outside.

In above examples underlined words are articles that are used in sentences.

It is not necessary to always use article in sentences. Without article also
sentences can be made.

  •  “a” is used for countable (singular) nouns starting with a consonant or a vowel which sounds like consonant.
  • “an” is used for countable (singular) nouns starting with a vowel or consonant that sounds like vowel
  • Before a countable noun which refers to major group of things. 
  • For expression of quantities and expression of numbers like a lot,a few, a dozen, a million, a thousand, etc.
  • For a name of some profession for example an engineer, a doctor, etc.
  • Before a noun in exclamatory sentences for example What a day it was !
  • Cannot be used before uncountable nouns for example milk, water, etc.
  • “The” is used for both singular and plural nouns.
  • Used for the names of the organizations for example the WHO.
  • Used in superlatives degrees for example the best,  the most, etc.
  • Use THE with nouns modified by ranking or ordering expressions such as “the first”, “the second”, “the next”, “the last”,etc.
  • We use article “the” when we talk about something more certain for example the dog.

Below is Quiz/Test.

Here is other try !

Fill the blanks.

“Q_1. Have you got _ pen?”
“Q_2. We have got only _ hour to do this task.” “Q_3. I saw a bird in the tree. bird was grey.”
“Q_4. Paris is _ capital of France.”
“Q_5. I see _ three men outside.”
“Q_6. Charles Dickens was _ famous English writer.”
“Q_7. Is this _ your new car?”
“Q_8. _ Moon is beautiful today isn’t it?”
“Q_9. I bought some cheese
ten apples and _ bottle of wine”
“Q_10. Have you ever been to _ Sicily?”
“Q_11. _ Kilimanjaro is situated in Tanzania.”
“Q_12. Vicky told us _ interesting story”
“Q_13. My friend was born in _ USA.”
“Q_14. I don’t like to come home late in _ evening.”
“Q_15. Have you seen _ Tom today?”
“Q_16. Who said that _ Earth is round?”
“Q_17. Where is _ Sahara desert?”
“Q_18. My brother wants to become _ policeman.”
“Q_19. My nephew plays _ piano very well.”
“Q_20. He wrote a poem for her. _ poem was beautiful.”
“Q_21. We travelled to _ Netherlands last year.” “Q_22. I ate plum and went out.”
“Q_23. Can you show me _ Volga on the map?”
“Q_24. New York is _ city in the USA.”
“Q_25. My husband gave me _ twenty five roses.”
“Q_26. Everest is _ highest mountain in the world.”
“Q_27. _ Africa is the world’s second largest continent.”
“Q_28. Chris works in _ Hague.”
“Q_29. We are going to travel around _ Europe next year.”
“Q_30. Tom sent me a photo of _ Trafalgar Square. It’s amazing!”

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