Simple Present Tense Quiz

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Before going to start Simple Present Tense Quiz let’s first understand the concept of Simple Present Tense.

Generally it is used to describe a habit, unchanging situations, general truths and fixed arrangements .

Usually it include a time expression like always, every year, never, often, on Mondays, rarely, sometimes, or usually.

Also used to describe scheduled events in the future

To form simple present tense we just need to use the base form of the verb: (I learn, you learn, we learn, they learn) The 3rd person singular takes an -s at the end. (he learns, she learns )


  • I take tea daily.
  • I go to cafe everyday.
  • Michael has had (to have) this car for five years.”
  • Actually I don’t like (not / to like) apples.”
  • I can bring Tom’s umbrella back now. He has returned (to return) fromFrance recently.”
  • Oh my God! He has just won (just/to win) the race!”

Here is other try !

Fill the blanks. (Mixed)

“Q_1. Tom **** (to read) a newspaper now.”
“Q_2. Jill
**** (to work) in a hospital.”
“Q_3. Oh no! We are late! They **** (to go/already) out.”
“Q_4. Sarah ****** (to cook) thirty pancakes today.”
“Q_5. The climate
**** (to change) rapidly nowadays.”
“Q_6. I ** (never / to be) to Spain.”
“Q_7. He ***** (to get up) at 8 o’clock every day.”
“Q_8. You ***** (always / to talk) too loud!”
“Q_9. Look! Your puppy ***** (to swim)!”
“Q_10. We all know that the Earth ****** (to be) round.”
“Q_11. Oh no I
******(to see) that man before!”
“Q_12. The train from Berlin
***** (to arrive) at 11.15.”
“Q_13. I’m fond of history. I often ****** (to go) to museums.”
“Q_14. My wife usually
*******(to drink) a cup of coffee before going to work.”
“Q_15. I can’t find Mark. It seems he ****** (already / to go).”
“Q_16. The sun
***** (to set) in the west.”
“Q_17. My plane to Los Angeles ****** (to depart) at 7.30. There’re no changes in the timetable.”
“Q_18. It’s better to get rid of this toaster. It ***** more and more insecure.”
“Q_19. Simon is very busy. He ******* (to take) a rest very seldom.”
“Q_20. It ****** (to get) colder. Do you really want to go out?”
“Q_21. I ****** (to know) Alex since 1999.”
“Q_22. I like to watch thrillers but now I ****** (to watch) a comedy.”
“Q_23. Bill and Richard * (to be) friends for many ages.”
“Q_24. Don’t disturb Tony! He ****** (to write) a letter at the moment.”
“Q_25. Rachel
**** (to be) in Frankfurt since Sunday.”
“Q_26. Rob
****** (not / to finish) the task yet.”
“Q_27. Michael
**** (to have) this car for five years.”
“Q_28. Actually I
**** (not / to like) apples.”
“Q_29. I can bring Tom’s umbrella back now. He
****** (to return) from France recently.”
“Q_30. Oh my God! He
***** (just/to win) the race!”

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