How to overcome loneliness ?

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We all have a need for human connection without it you can have a feeling of loneliness that leads to depression hopelessness.

If you’re feeling lonely read this article because today we’re discussing various ways how to overcome loneliness in life.

Just ask if you feel you’re lacking meaningful relationships then you have to be willing to be vulnerable and risk rejection you may have people in your life.

If you don’t make the effort to deepen the friendship by spending time together it will likely remain a meaningless human interaction filled with generic small talk.

If you’re feeling lonely don’t wait for the other person to ask you to do something it’s quite possible they want to but don’t want to risk you saying no to them if the other person says no or they’re busy don’t take it personally and don’t sweat it there are over 7 billion more people you could ask and I’m sure one of them will go with you.

You be bold be brave and just ask.

Focus on quality not quantity is it possible you tell yourself you’re lonely because you don’t have as many friends as you feel you should have.

I know I did this recently I was happier than ever then I started looking on social media and constantly saw people sharing group pictures of their 500 friends I felt unpopular I felt like a loser and started to feel lonely I snapped out of it when I realized it’s not the quantity of relationships but the quality of your relationships that matter having a bunch of people in your life will not necessarily help you overcome loneliness in life.

See similarities one thing that may be causing your feelings of loneliness is the belief that you have to find people who are just like you in order to feel comfortable.

Being friends with them people who feel different than most people are prone to loneliness and depression because they feel most won’t understand them but think about the truth.

Overcoming your loneliness and forming quality relationships is taking genuine interest in other people and focusing on what you have in common rather than what makes you different.

Find your creative outlet creative expression is a human need that rarely gets met inmost people’s lives.

It’s possible you’rein a rut feeling lonely and misunderstood because you’re not fully expressing yourself.

Unfortunately it could take a long time to be fully open and authentic with others that’s why creating something may be something you want to do let go of criticizing.

What you create is not being good or comparing what you create to others consider this playtime for you pick something that you’re interested in and once improve in writing singing playing an instrument painting dancing anything that allows you to express yourself in a unique way you don’t have to share it or sell it just do it for yourself watch how much better it makes you feel.

When I was lonely i started giving speeches writing books and making YouTube videos as creative outlet all I know is whenever I’m creating something without judging it or comparing it with others I never feel more
lonely and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

Find your creative outlet and I believe you have found one excellent way to overcome loneliness.

Find a way to overcome loneliness in life give believing you’re separate from the rest of the world can make you feel lonely giving is the best way to reconnect with the rest of the world and feel you’re apart of something larger than yourself.

I’m sure there’s something great you can give to the world.

Someone actually cares about you.

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