How to maintain eye-contact ?

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Maintain eye-contact sound so simple right wrong because effectively utilizing eye contact as a communication tool takes skill and finesse in order to do it right and so today we’re gonna go over some simple eye contact tips it really comes down to striking the perfect balance between maintaining eye contact and breaking gaze every once in a while because we get uncomfortable when you’re talking to somebody who just locks and loads yeah everybody’s talked to the dude who won’t break gaze this is weird uncomfortable and a little creepy common sense would tell you that eye contact all eye contact is good but if you ever talk to that guy who takes eye contact to a whole nother level of intensity you know there can definitely be too much of a good thing but on the communication flip side if you’re talking to somebody and they’re looking everywhere except that you there are all sorts of red flags going up you tend not to trust them so as you can see there is a delicate balance that needs to take place so now without any further ado let’s go over some eye contact tips

tip number one when you are the one speaking and you’re talking to one person I contact meaning like holding a gauge should only last between five and ten seconds anything longer than 10 seconds tends to make people feel a little bit uncomfortable alright you can time yourself in the mirror if you want to figure out what 10 seconds feels like but all you need to do is break gaze for just a second and come back it’s this little break either up to the left down to the right eye wherever you want to look alright that is going to make the conversation feel a little bit better it still lets the person know that you are talking to them and communicating tothem but it’s not quite so intense

tip number two if you’re speaking to multiple people or a group or an audience you want to make sure that you don’t stick on one person for more than two to three seconds alright because if you just stay and you focus on one person like your mom in the audience talk just hour or deliver the speech to everybody else in the room is going to feel left out I would constantly be moving adjusting alright a nice smooth transition is great looking people in the I don’t hold any one person’s gaze too long two to three seconds max

tip number three when you were the one listening right you’re talking to one person or one person is talking to you same five to ten second rule applies alright I want you to still break gaze but when you break I want you to include something like mmhmm mm-hmmor a little bit of a not right you’re looking yeah makes sense right because even though you’re not looking at them you’re letting the person know that it’s communicating to you that indeed you’repaying attention how do I look what I’m looking at you I look happy I look like I love you or do I look like I’m pissed off exactly pissed off or how about this one right exactly I look like I’m into you I’m digging you right because with eye contact it’s not just the eyes that need to be focused on the individual or person it’s also what’s going on up here pay attention to what your eyes and your eyebrows are saying because we do so much communication not just with our eyes or with our mouths but our facial expressions are going to be a big deal and have a lot to do with how we are actually being received so you’re gonna be looking at somebody but if you’re looking at them and they can tell like oh I think this dude is gonna punch me that is absolutely wrong and ten number five when you were talking to somebody or somebody is talking to you and you break gaze the place that you should not direct your eyes is towards your phone because there is nothing worse than talking to somebody who keeps looking away and looking at their phone it absolutely lets you know that they are not paying attention to you and more interested than what’s going on on their phone so when you’re having a conversation the best idea is to actually put your phone in your pocket or in your bag get it off the table because even if you inadvertently glanced own at it I’m thinking yeah we’re Deniz got a text he needs to answer am i boring you I’m sorry that I’m taking up your time good grab it I don’t care I’m done here anyway gentlemen eye contact it is a critical component of the communication process knowing how to maintain it but knowing when and how to break gaze is equally as important as actually looking somebody in the eye because like we’ve done straighten like you know because you’ve talked to them you know what it feels like when you’re talking to somebody who you can’t shake right uh-huh don’t be that guy gentlemen I contact it’s a critical component of the communication equation.

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