Month: February 2019

Feel fresh everyday !

Hello everyone thank you for coming here ! I’m Anil Tokraliya and today’s article is going to be my hygiene routine. I’m gonna start with my routine from starts to be from beginning to end so when I wake up of course I take my showers sometimes. I do take my showers at night before

How to overcome loneliness ?

We all have a need for human connection without it you can have a feeling of loneliness that leads to depression hopelessness. If you’re feeling lonely read this article because today we’re discussing various ways how to overcome loneliness in life. Just ask if you feel you’re lacking meaningful relationships then you have to be

How to maintain eye-contact ?

Maintain eye-contact sound so simple right wrong because effectively utilizing eye contact as a communication tool takes skill and finesse in order to do it right and so today we’re gonna go over some simple eye contact tips it really comes down to striking the perfect balance between maintaining eye contact and breaking gaze every

Exam Preparation Strategy

studying for an exam is different from studying to learn you need to be strategic because it’s all about getting the best grade possible so whether you’re cramming for an exam tomorrow or studying for one in a few months time here is the strategy you should follow for your best chance of success the